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About “Arafatmajeed”

Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

MBBS, MD, MCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Medical Oncology), Member of European Society of Medical Oncology

Offered Services

Diagnostic radiology
Diagnostic radiology 1 Service(s)
Head radiology ₨5,000.00

Neuroimaging or brain imaging is the use of various techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function, or pharmacology of the nervous system. It is a relatively new discipline within medicine, neuroscience, and psychology.[1] Physicians who specialize in the performance and interpretation of neuroimaging in the clinical setting are neuroradiologists. Neuroimaging falls into two broad categories:

Structural imaging, which deals with the structure of the nervous system and the diagnosis of gross (large scale) intracranial disease (such as a tumor) and injury.
Functional imaging, which is used to diagnose metabolic diseases and lesions on a finer scale (such as Alzheimer's disease) and also for neurological and cognitive psychology research and building brain-computer interfaces.


  • MBBS ( 2015 - 2020 ) Aziz Fatima


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